Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Virgil Eagleton Johnson

Virgil was my Great Grandpa on my Daddy's side.  He was born in Walnut Grove, Greene County, Missouri in 1876.  There are rumors that he was a mean SOB.  Actually, I have evidence to support those rumors, but I am choosing not to publish it at this time.

I read a description of him as being lanky and loose jointed when he was seventeen years old. 

Another description of him was given when my Great Grandmother Lula Jump and her twin sister Lila Lee ran off and got married.  My second Great Grandpa Sylvester Jump went after them to bring them back home.  Apparently, Grandpa Sylvester got a hold of Lila Lee, but Lula's husband (Virgil Johnson) was a big man and refused to let her go.

Virgil Eagleton Johnson and one of his grandchildren

In the photo above, it is difficult to determine how big he was.  This is the only photo I have of him.  I'm sure there are others floating around.  If someone has any other photos of Virgil E Johnson, please contact me. 

I believe my Father may have been built up like his Grandpa Johnson.  My Father was the tallest out of all of his brothers and he was lanky and loose jointed.

Virgil couldn't have been all bad though.  When his daughter Amanda died, he raised his grandchildren.

More to come on good ole Great Grandpa Virgil Johnson at a later time....I can guarantee you that the Johnson stories are not dull!

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