Friday, March 11, 2016

Uncle was a Turkey Thief!...or Just a Turkey?

Geez Uncle Harve!

Yes, my Johnson line definitely has some of the more interesting and wilder characters!  That is why I don't understand why Uncle Harve and his buddy didn't try to catch a wild turkey instead of one that was penned up.  Knowing Uncle Harve, he may have been drinking the Wild Turkey before he stole the turkey.

I was doing research on my family and ran across this article.  The Fresno Bee The Republican (Fresno, California) Tue, Sep 5, 1944 Page 27

Uninvited Deputies Interrupt Turkey Dinner, Arrest Two

Visalia (Tulare Co) Sept. 5 --Deputy Sheriffs Ross Cochran and L. K. Robinson invited themselves to a turkey dinner near Cullen and arrested M. C. Bryson, 53, and Harve Johnson, 36, on charges of stealing the fowl from the Bishop ranch in that area.  The men were lodged in the county jail and charged with petit theft.

I hope that Turkey was worth it!  This Uncle is definitely on the hell raiser list.

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