Monday, October 5, 2015

Digital Library Hathi Trust

There are some really wonderful online research sources in cyberspace that may not be that well known.  I have access to one that is so full of information that I could spend 24/7 using it and still not find everything it has on my ancestors. 

The site is Hathi Trust.  The general public has access to most full text, full view only material, but they cannot create collections or download an entire or partial book. 

The site is still full of amazing information.  I have found quite a bit on my own ancestors.  If nothing else, you will find a lot of historical material about where your ancestor lived. 

The more information you have about the time and place your ancestor lived in, your chances improve of having an idea of the type of life they may have had.

Check it out!  I hope you enjoy it.

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