Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Elizabeth Perryman Johnson

Elizabeth Francis Perryman was born to Jacob Perryman (sometimes spelled Perriman) and Margaret Knight on January 4, 1809 in Tennessee.

Elizabeth married Williamson Johnson on January 4, 1830 in Tennessee.  In 1835, they moved to Polk County, Missouri.  They were living in Graydon Springs, Polk County, Mo at the end of their lives.

At the age of 23, Elizabeth professed her faith and joined the Baptist Church.  So, I guess my 3rd Great Grandma would be considered a bit of a Holy Roller.

She was a healthy, strong woman.  How do I know?  Well, she had fourteen kids!  She had seven boys and seven girls.  She ended up having sixty-two grandchildren, eighty great-grandchildren, and at the time of her death, she had eight great-great-grandchildren.  She lived to be 96 years, 9 months, and 17 days old.

She was a hard worker, always helping people.  She had to be a hard worker and survivor with all of those kids to take care of!  I can only imagine how much work that must have been.

McMasters Cemetery

Williamson and Elizabeth are buried in McMasters cemetery (shown in the photo above) which is now abandoned.  The cemetery is in a grove of trees 1/4 mile north into a pasture from the end of Polk and Greene county line roads.  Access requires farm owner's permission.

The family has moved the headstones for Elizabeth and Williamson to the Turkey Creek cemetery in Walnut Grove, Polk County, Missouri in order to preserve their memories.

In my 3rd Great Grandmother Elizabeth F Perryman Johnson's obituary shown above, she is described as being a good mother, a good neighbor, as being very industrious, as always being willing to help the needy, and always wanting to do the work as long as she was able.  She sounds like she was a wonderful human being.  I am proud to have her DNA.

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