Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lucy Allen Smith

Lucy was the third child of Christopher Columbus Smith Sr. and his third wife Joanna (McGraw) Smith. 

Lucy was born with normal eyesight.  However, by the time she was five she had started to lose her eyesight. 

Florence Smith Yandell on the left and Lucy Allen Smith on the right
Lucy lived with her Mother, Joanna until her Mother's death in 1936.  After Joanna passed away, Lucy went to live with her sister Florence and her husband Oscar Yandell who lived on the Smith home place.

Lucy, like most other people who's sight was impaired, was highly developed in other ways.  She had a fantastic memory and it is said that she never forgot anything.

Lucy had Joe Cole write down the names of her Father's sister and three of his brothers.  She was hoping that someone would find them since she and her family had lost track of them after her Father, Dr. Smith passed away.  Their names were Jane, Bob, Dave, and Black.

Jane (Martha Jane) married Zedoc Stuchman.  Bob (Robert Larkin) married Margaret Ross first and Mary Chastian second.  Dave (David Elijah) was my Great Grandpa.  He married CJ Long first.  They did not have any children.  He than married my Great Grandma Margaret "Tinney" McGill.  They had seven children together.  Black (Charles B) married Sarah Fletcher.   They must have all visited Dr. Smith at his house  in Yell County, AR for Lucy to have remembered all of their names.

I would love to talk to anyone who remembers Lucy or any of the others mentioned here.

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