Monday, April 24, 2017

Johnson 1st Cousins

Manny and Trish


Manny and Trish (Patricia) Simao are my first cousins from the Johnson side.  They are the children of Ellen Jane Johnson (my Dad's sister) and Manual Simao. 

Manny is about the same age as me and Trish is about the same age as my sister Tudy was.  

Trish and Manny Simao

In the photo above I would guess that Manny is about four and Trish is about two years old.  They are half Portuguese from their Father's side.  Little Manny has the most gorgeous green colored eyes and when he was a young adult he resembled Tom Cruz a lot.  Trish looks like a little doll in this photo to me.  She has red hair and beautiful chocolate brown colored eyes.

When we were growing up, Tudy, Manny, Trish and I were all close to one another and had some great times together.  I am still very close to Trish.  I don't see Manny very much but hear about him.

I love my cousins and will be seeing Trish soon.  Looking forward to it!

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