Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blackberry Wine-Good for What Ails Ya!

Southern Ladies Willing To Whip Up Some Blackberry Winepparently, our ancestors put a lot of stock in the medicinal properties of Blueberry wine.
I found this article in ...
The Daily Chattanooga Rebel (Griffin, Georgia) Sat, Jul 2, 1864 First Edition Page 2

We are informed that there are many ladies through the country, who would willingly manufacture Blackberry wine and cordial for Hospital use, if the government would supply them with the necessary quantity of sugar with which to do it.  The matter is worthy of the immediate attention of the proper authorities.  The berries are now plenty but will not last long.  A little energy displayed at this time in distributing sugar, would probably result in supplying our hospitals with a sufficiency of these much needed articles.

Lip Smackin' Blackberry Wine

I ran across this Lip Smackin' Blackberry Wine recipe in...
Weekly Raleigh Register (Raleigh, North Carolina) Wed, Jul 22, 1857 Page 4

Blackberry Wine.
--The Columbus Sun Says: There is no wine equal to the blackberry wine when properly made, either in flavor or for medicinal purposes, and every person who can conveniently do so, should manufacture enough for their own use every year, as it is invaluable in sickness as a tonic, and nothing is a better remedy for bowel diseases.  We, therefore, give the receipt for making it, and having tried it ourself, we speak advisedly upon the subject:
"Measure your berries and bruise them; to every gallon adding one quart of boiling water.  Let mixture stand twenty-four hours, stirring occasionally; then strain off the liquor into a cask, to gallon adding two pounds of sugar; cork it tight and let it stand till the following October, and you will have wine ready for use, without further straining or boiling, that will make lips smack as they never smacked under similar influence before."

I think at the very least, one may not be feeling any pain, so to speak, after they drink the blackberry wine. Apparently, it is good for many ailments. such as diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids and to help prevent heart disease.

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