Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Uncle was a Pot Grower!

Well I don't know about you but I definitely have folks in my family that would fall into the criminal category.  I guess that would put them in the Hell Raiser category too.  They're definitely not Holy Rollers.

I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but many people with a criminal background are highly intelligent.  They just tend to use their intelligence for the wrong type of business endeavors that usually are not legal.

I had an Uncle who was very entrepreneurial.  He always had some kind of business going, whether it was owning his own service station, running his own painting/handyman business, owning and operating an RV park, or tending to his own little pot farm.  He always had something going on including a claim in his own gold mine up until he passed away in 2013!

When he was in his early to mid 70's, he taught himself to use the computer and picked up genealogy as a hobby.  He was really quite smart.   Uneducated, but smart.

In his mid to late 70's, he decided to get into the pot farming business.  He had his boys (they were in their 40's) go get prescriptions and he got a prescription.  Only one of his boys actually smoked any of the pot. 

In California, if one has a prescription, they are allowed to grow a certain amount of marijuana for their own use or grow for others if they have a prescription.

Uncle got his plants in the ground and they were thriving!  They were growing so high and looked so lush.  Uncle was expecting a fantastic crop and he was dreaming of rolling in the green stuff.  Just before harvest time, he got a visit from some fellows from the sheriff's department.  They went out and wondered around in his pot plants.  He told me that he thought the guys had cross pollinated his crop, and that the next time he was going to take pictures.  He accused them of ruining his crop.

I spoke to him a few days later and he said, "Well, I guess, I did get a little carried away".  Oh, Uncle!!

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